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You may feel uneasy about filling in your credit card information online. Did you know that statistically, it is safer to shop online with us than shop in a store in your area? At a department store, your credit card is handled by people, and people make mistakes. When you shop on or any of our affiliate sites, your personal information is authorized and processed by computers, thereby minimizing mistakes and susceptibility to fraud. Join the millions of others who shop online, and feel comfortable shopping online with us! Remember that we do accept PayPal also! and our affiliate sites use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to encrypt sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and names/addresses. When using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, and AOL web browsers, and even on Wireless Internet connections, you can rest assured that we are the only ones who can read your personal information.

Consumer awareness

In a virtual world there will always be an element of doubt when sending or receiving sensitive information. thawte realized that successful security on the Internet was all about trust.

The thawte Trusted Site Seal

Once an e-business has obtained a thawte SSL certificate, thawte supplies the customer with the thawte Trusted Site Seal to upload onto their website. By clicking on the thawte Trusted Site Seal, visitors will get real-time confirmation of the validity of the certificate on the web server that they are connected to.

The thawte Trusted Site Seal is a visible, real-time assurance of trust letting your Website visitors know in an instant that your site is protected by one of the most trusted digital certificate providers on the Web.

Fraudulent Use

Look out for the following to identify abuse of the thawte Trusted Site Seal:

* The site does not use a digital certificate
* The information on the Seal Information Page does not match the information of the site
* When the thawte Trusted Site Seal is clicked, there is no information page that pops-up
* There have been modifications to the thawte Trusted Site Seal
* The thawte Trusted Site Seal is being used to promote Spam, illegal activities or other questionable behavior

If you would like to report any abuse of the thawte Trusted Site Seal, please send an e-mail to



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